The right tools make every task easier, especially in the kitchen. The problem is, you need a lot of kitchen utensils and pans to create the tastiest dishes. There often isn't enough storage space for all this kitchen equipment, resulting in messy frustration.

We believed this could be done better, so we decided to create something better.

CookingTotem Soeppan

Space-Saving Cookware of the Highest Quality

  • Only the Best Materials

  • Award-Winning Designs

  • Space-Saving Solutions

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Ontwerp CookingTotem

Months of Research Is the Secret Behind Our Products

Each product is the result of months of product development. Designers, professional chefs, and novice home cooks all participate in evaluating our prototypes. This way, we can eliminate what's not necessary and retain what makes a difference. The result is high-quality, space-saving cookware with all the essential functionalities.

About Us

We are CookingTotem. We exist to make cooking easier for you. CookingTotem provides essential space-saving cookware, so you have more space for better cooking.

- The CookingTotem Team